Gear list

Bikepacking kit for light weight offroad touring 


Some people like myself are slightly obsessed to always improve their gear, finding new smoother ways to solve things and when possible, get lighter. I got some requests while on the road now to post a gear list of what im carrying, so here it is.

I’ve been travelling with a proper touring kit which contains the bare essentials needed (plus some luxury items) for a multi month (or years) self sufficient long haul bicycling tour, as long as you stay in decently warm climates. Clothing and sleeping bag suffices until temperatures are near freezing.

At most i have carried food for 15 days, and comfortable water capacity is about 8 litres – but the less water and food, of course, the more fun the bike is to ride.

The unnessesairy luxury stuff i carry are:  four camera lenses and a computer. Removing this from my kit would mean a huge increase in simplicity and agility on the bike, but my liking of photography and proper photo and word editing programs on the computer made me want to bring these bricks of gear anyway. On my Iran trip i was using an Ipad instead of a computer, which worked fine, and even a normal smartphone would be enough if i didnt take pictures in RAW format. Downsizing to a camera without exchangable lenses (or again, just use a cell phone!) would also save a huge chunk of weight. Lenses and computer are also quite annoying to carry since they are bulky, fragile and needs to be in very waterproof bags. I think that on shorter trips (or when i wont be in the best region in the world for star photography) i may downsize alot.

So, to the list:

Bike – a decent but more or less standard aluminium mountainbike with a steel fork and 26 inch wheels. There’s more information in Swedish about it here.


Framebag, two gas tanks, saddle bag and handlebar sausage from Pawel custom makes them for your bike. Mine are the X2 line which are the most durable he makes.

Front pocket on the handlebar where i keep the camera is from Revelate Designs who also makes similiar gear like Pawel, but is from Alaska and much more expensive to buy in Europe. Mine is size large.

Tw0 water/snack/gear pouches on the handlebar  are Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag.

On the fork:

Two 8L Sea to Summit roll closure bags attached to Salsa Anything Cages.


Sleeping mat – 4mm thick and cheap. Good enough for me but i sleep well on hard ground. Weight about 25% of the lightest inflatible mats at a fraction of the price.

Sleeping bag – Cumulus xlite 200. Tiny down bag, weighs 420 grams and is rated +3 C.

Tent – MSR Hubba 1p. Weighs 1.4kg and is quite spacious for one person. Possible to sit up inside and read/eat/change clothes which is nice but it could be lighter. I will probably use a 1000g tent when this one breaks.


Thermal base layer – Merino wool to keep the nasty smell at a minimum.

Pants – Fjällräven G-1000 material which i love and is not too expensive when they are promo’d.

Shorts – for bathing and so i have something to wear when i wash my pants.

Socks – two pairs.

Hat – snug merino wool which fits under the helmet.

Underwear – two of them, one with padding.

Buff – for the neck or the head

Puff – a small down jacket for when it gets cold in the nights or at lunch breaks.

Rain jacket

Rain pants

Shoe rain covers

Normal running shoes.


Shirt – so i can look semi normal in towns, and so i can change if the thermal i cycle with get wet/sweaty.


Ankle warmers – my akilles tendons are aching if i dont keep them warm.


Pot – 1.2 liter or so, all metal with lid so it can be put in the camp fire.

Trangia alcohol stove with ”Triangle”. A very lightweight stove with small windscreen/stand that is more or less indestructible for normal use and does not require any spare parts or maintenance what so ever. Fuel is available at every farmacy or large supermarket in Patagonia.

Spoon, sponge, firesteel, lighter, salt.


Computer – ASUS, 13 inch or so. Has a very small charger without the big ”brick” that is usually on the computer chargers.

1000 GB Portable hard drive to backup pictures.



E-reader Kindle. Breaks very easily but light and so nice to be able to carry hundreds of books.



Rear light

Chargers. I charge the phone and camera with USB cables through the computer, saves alot of space compared to having big separate charging units.


Body – Sony Nex 6, mirrorless. Smaller then a DSLR but same image quality.

Lenses – Samyang 14mm 2.8, Sigma 19mm 2.8, Hexanon AR 40mm 1.8, Hexanon AR 135mm 3.5.

3 SD cards – 16GB, 16GB and 32GB. More then enough.

2 spare camera batteries.

Cleaning kit.

Chinese version of the Gorillapod SLR Zoom.

More info on camera gear here.


Sunglasses, compass, paper maps, notebook.

Passport, 2 credit cards (one VISA and one Mastercard, sometimes only one works), yellow vaccine book, bank stuff.

Waterproof bags.

Tools and spare parts:


Swiss army knife (nice for plyers, sissors, can and wine and bottle opener)

Electrical tape around seat post

Tube patches

One extra tube

Multitool with bike tools and chain breaker


Small pump

Some extra screws and nuts

Tire levers

Cable ties


Tiny wire lock with code. I always keep the bike in a safe place so a big lock is not needed.

Extra spare tire. A foldable Schwalbe Rocket Ron (the cheap ”performance” version) for now.

Spare spokes. Two of each length. Taped to the frame.


Pain killers for normal pain + migraine, plaster, ear cleaners, antihistamin, antibiotics (nice to have if i get sick far from civilization), sun screen, medical tape, disinfectant alcohol (this is the fuel for my stove), toothbrush (of course cutting it in halv to save 0.5 grams), paste, deodorant, plastic bags.


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